Monday, 31 December 2018

Wringing out the old

Another of my occasional State of the Blog posts giving you a chance to see a stat display that is normally reserved for the blogger...
(not unlike all the other stats I've blogged about over the years... But what makes these different is that the others have been the default Overview,  whereas these indicate which posts rank in the top 10 of all time [Year Zero being 2012].)

Far and away the most visited, in spite of its age, is one about Latin phrases. It's coming up to six years old, and last time I looked the screen capture it was based on was missing. I've no idea what  makes it nearly nine times as popular as no. 2 on the list. I expect some Influencer has spread the word; maybe it's on a syllabus somewhere perish the thought.

The remaining nine fall into 4 broad groups:
  • Two that use the same Pedants of the world unite joke (2 and 6)
  • Three on various philological points  (3-5)
  • Three relatively recent ones (7-9)
  • One that, being on its own at no 10, is in no way a broad group; so sue me :-)
In an update (after the New Year's dust has settled) I'll add some links (though in the meantime you can search using dates (or guessed themes, if you're feeling really adventurous)  :-) But I want to get this out there before December 2018 goes down as The Month of the Solitary Post,

Happy 2019!


Update – 2019.01.02.16:55: Here are the links and a few descriptive pointers. I've also fixed a pretty gross typo, in blue.
  • no 1 The web page this originally pointed to is gone now but here‘s the jpg it used.
  • no 2  and  no 6 These are the two on pedantry.
  • no 3 no 4, and no 5 These are quite old (but rather fun,  TISIAS) philological stories.
  • no 7  , no 8 , and no 9   These three, despite their recency, make the top 10 because I plugged them in an MFL Teachers' group that, for reasons best known to Facebook (and I've given up beating my head on that cyber wall), I can no longer access.
  • no 10 On a machine translation boo-boo.

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