Thursday, 13 February 2014

Hold the presses

Report from the Word-face

A quick sitrep on #WVGTbook. There's good news, bad news, and good news:

  1. (Good)
    I submitted a revised copy on Wednesday at 23.45. But...
  2. (Bad)
    It's a long story that involves a PC with no net, a memory stick, and a laptop with wireless. The laptop had the sub-Damoclean ...
    <etymological_note theme="nonce">
    (KNEW I could recycle that one, having coined it 'for then ones' [as it said in the notes to The  Pardoner's Tale – the root of 'for the nonce', being an ethic dative. Ones  was the dative of 'one' {=on one occasion} + then {=inflected form of 'the'}]
    <autobiograpical_digression theme="seagull management" date=1993-2003">
    <meta_digression type="explanation of theme">
    A seagull manager flies over from abroad once a year and craps over everything.
    ...during my last days in the IT world, which turned out to last for several years because ALL-IN-1 just wouldn't die no matter how hard the bosses tried to shaft it ... but I digress... where was I?)
    ...sub-Damoclean trial version of Adobe Acrobat. And the PC has more memory than the laptop. So a lot of file-juggling was involved. So the file I successfully submitted just before midnight on Wednesday was The Wrong File.
  3. (Good)
    I installed the trial version on the PC and won a reprieve. I thought the installation kit would be clever enough to recognize that it had been installed once; but it wasn't. The clock has been reset.
Update 2014.02.14.10:10 – Formatted <li> 2 for legibility and added PS

PS So I've got a few more days' work, (but not too long as there are lots of file fragments that I can piece together, so it's largely a question of double-checking).

Update 2014.02.15.17:20 – Updated footer
Update 2014.02.17.11:10 – Added PPS

PPS The second proof stage has started; this time, thinkfully, it'll be quicker. (Thinkfully is a word I've borrowed from an old friend, Kate née {and for all I know STILL} Owen. Kate disapproved of the clause-defining hopefully. In fact, that's putting it mildly – she loathed it. Thinkfully, means [of course] 'I think...'.)

Update 2019.06.03.15:35 – Removed old footer

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