Sunday, 10 February 2013

Pot? What pot?

This is just a little amuse-souris - something I was going to develop and release in the fulness of time (when it would be... erm, fuller). But of late I've been engaged in justifying my status as an #eltchat blogger (I'll add a link to my handiwork later). So I'm releasing it now as a pot-boiler.

The man who does has just* given me confirmation of Knowles's Law of Waste Disposal, which holds that:
When clearing up after work out of doors, there will always be one more load [sack or wheelbarrow] than you estimate will be necessary, even when you allow for Knowles's Law.
He was digging out the soil where he was going to set a gate-post, and asked me where I wanted the waste. I asked how many sacks he'd need. 'Two should do it - no, make it three just to be on the safe side.' I went to get him the sacks - three, with a fourth just to be on the safe side. Between us we had got the calculation right; there were four bagsful when he had finished.


PS That 'just' was relatively true when I wrote it.
PPS That is 'true as a relative expression'
Update 2013.02.15:22.13 PPS Here's my summary of the #eltchat at midday (GMT) on 6 Feb.

Update: 2013.10.02.15:55
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